Error in Studio.h when compiling under Windows

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Error in Studio.h when compiling under Windows

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This error applies in magick 6.2.6 under Windows in multithreaded DLL runtimes.

There is an error in the studio.h file.

In that config magick is statically linked to my application, and no DLL are needed, and magick shouldn't look for extension module.

This is where studio.h defines are false and the following lines:

#if defined(HasLTDL) || (defined(__WINDOWS__) && defined(_DLL))
# define SupportMagickModules

should be replaced by

#if defined(HasLTDL) || (defined(__WINDOWS__) && defined(_DLL) && !defined(_LIB))
# define SupportMagickModules

This change disables dynamic modules and avoid the call to OpenModules function.

Note that the same modification should be done in the studio.h file contained in Wand folder.

I hope this helps,
Manuel Jouglet