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Error reading this WMF file

Posted: 2006-04-10T01:19:21-07:00
by mootools

This WMF is incorrectly handled by ImageMagick and I does not understand why a problem occur?
The file is correctly readed by Microsoft WMF file viewer.

ImageMagick opens the file and loops infinitely. The process must be killed in order to stop it.

Any help or WMF fix is welcomed!


Posted: 2006-04-10T07:32:36-07:00
by magick
Your image rendered for us, not sure if its the correct rendering though. We got a white canvas with a grey block near the bottom with a vertical green line half way through it. We're using ImageMagick 6.2.7 Beta built with the latest WMF delegate library.

Posted: 2006-04-11T06:46:43-07:00
by mootools

I am using 6.2.6 and I am enjoy to know that it is corrected on the coming release.