Custom Coder and Custom Image Filter Kits

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Custom Coder and Custom Image Filter Kits

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We now provide kits to add custom coders to support new image formats or to add new image filters to your distribution of ImageMagick. The kits work under Linux / Unix / Mac OS X / MinGW. They are discussed here: ... php#coders and here: ... hp#filters. We have not built a kit for Windows yet, however, you can extract the source code from the kits and build as a DLL and copy it into the ImageMagick binary distribution to use as custom coder or image filter.

Use the kits to quickly extend the functionality of ImageMagick. When tested, consider contributing your custom coder or image filter to the ImageMagick project where we might include it in a future ImageMagick release. However, you are under no obligation to do so. Instead you could use it privately for yourself or your company or if its particularly useful you could offer it for sale to the ImageMagick community.

Note, ImageMagick version 6.4.3-0 or above is required to use the kits.