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Special compose methods now in "convert" + Variable Blur

Posted: 2009-06-22T19:04:47-07:00
by anthony
With the latest releases of IM version 6.5.4 onward there have been some exciting new developments with regard to Image Composition.

Up until this point you could do image composition from the "convert" command, allowing you to generate some very complex image processing techniques all in the one command.

However you could not specify the extra numerical arguments needed for special compositions, such as "Blend" "Dissolve" and "Displace". That is you either had to do this using DIY methods, or use the "composite" command with its special composition options.

As of now, you can specify the extra arguments needed for these compositions by setting them using the special 'meta-data' set operator -set option:compose:args {args}

Yes I know this is long, but it is now available. For Example you can now overlay a 'dissolved' image in convert using...

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    convert logo: rose: -geometry +200+60 \
            -compose blend -set option:compose:args 60 -composite \
In addition to this is a NEW Composition method, 'Blur' which allows you blur an image with a variable blur according to a 'blur map'. That is you can make one part of an image blurred, and
another part less blurred, according to a pre-prepared mapping image.

For examples of this method see
But for a practical example have a look at the "Tilt-Shift" example
where you can convert a photo of a real-life scene into something take looks like a photo of a detailed realistic model of that same scene.

The work continues!