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ImageMagick ported succesfully to iPhone

Posted: 2009-06-26T07:13:43-07:00
by cloud
I've written a guide (with a bash script) to compile ImageMagick, with support to PNG and JPG as a static library to be used when programming something with the iPhone.

I've tested the result and it's fully working and easily integrated within XCode and Objective-C.

You can find the instructions with links to the script here: ... -jpeg-png/

Also please read the update to guarantee the full usability of ImageMagick on the device when coding against it: ... ne-update/

Please let me know if you have any comment, or if you want to compile the static libraries but don't manage following the guide.

Best regards,


Re: ImageMagick ported succesfully to iPhone

Posted: 2011-03-21T14:33:32-07:00
by cloud
Just an update, I've finished porting the latest IM with updated delegates to Xcode4 and iOS4.3.

You can find the details here: ... e4-ios4-3/

As usual the latest binaries are updated on the ftp site!