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Second even bigger improvement for Distorts

Posted: 2010-09-27T18:53:18-07:00
by anthony
IM v6.6.4-8

With major help from Professor Nicolas Robidoux and his PHD student Chantal Racette, I have been finally able to replace the "High Quality EWA" resampling method that IM has been using since it was first developed with a "Clamped EWA" resampling method.

This is a major improvement for Distorting images, especially those images that are not being resized (scaled) to any great extent. The "HQ-EWA" method generally make very very 'fuzzy' images. The new method is no where near as 'fuzzy' producing much clearer results.

More details and Comments may be posted to the Discussion of the same name in the Developers forum... viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17153#p63939