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Make a Transparent Image

Posted: 2010-03-02T18:39:59-07:00
by magick
Here is the magick required to create a transparent canvas, useful for adding annotations or other graphic elements. Go to ImageMagick Studio at ... Studio.cgi and set your canvas size in the Size field (e.g. 320x240). Next select a format of xc. Now, set the Meta field to none. Finally, press the view button.

Re: Make a Transparent Image

Posted: 2013-02-08T04:12:06-07:00
by ultimate
Hi, it comes up with this error:
Exception 310: unrecognized color `/var/www/htdocs/workarea/57db0fac159142cb197dad564f8b3846f87eb5991f250ffd9a5815dff0be306b49ad13238t58233gfr8wge8yfw38ytfg238tg823tr238r82388721d01a061829ebbd/MagickStudio.mpc' @ warning/color.c/GetColorInfo/946:

Re: Make a Transparent Image

Posted: 2013-02-08T04:50:12-07:00
by magick
We cannot reproduce the problem. We followed the instructions above and got a transparent canvas.