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Inputting images

Posted: 2019-08-03T07:23:18-07:00
by Gloria88
Not taking URLS or from browsing.
Get this.

Exception 445: unable to open pixel cache '/var/www/html/ImageMagick/MagickStudio/workarea/1d926b6e279590f3a8a8413da74437cabd63de3b6e8d1a309ee335825e43f098e2f8067a92a93a6b9ed6795adc463758060fb304cd82b182c9a6baacd80466f5/MagickStudio.dat': No such file or directory @ error/cache.c/OpenPixelCache/3877:

No such file or directory

Re: Inputting images

Posted: 2019-08-03T08:35:29-07:00
by magick
Unfortunately we cannot reproduce the problem you reported. What is site you're visiting? Does this happen with all images or a specific image? If its a specific image, post a link to the image so we can download it and attempt to reproduce the exception you received.