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Posted: 2006-04-14T13:38:54-07:00
by mlski
What is the process you're using?
Which imager are you using?
What are the graphics you 're using?

Posted: 2006-04-15T01:19:32-07:00
by mlski
hmmmm - I just tried using all 4 imagers and had no problem. The only thing I can think of is that something is screwy with the banner you're bringing in from the banner generator. I just annotated on a trans. back using IM when I did my tests.

What's the URL of the banner you're bringing in from the banner generator?

Are you webtv or PC?

Arbor - ... Studio.cgi

Amish -

Net4tv - ... Studio.cgi

Redux - ... Studio.cgi

Posted: 2006-12-20T18:01:16-07:00
by scri8e
Your banner does not have a transparent background is most likely the problem.

To make sure it does transparentize the background in ImageMagick using paint. With the Matte function.

Or you can make the background Black and composite 'Multiply'
only the text will be glitter littered. You can then transparent the black background if you want to. I suggest you take it to gifworks to do that though. As ImageMagick and animation don't like one another all that much.

Your other posts on animation challenges you have had/are having can be solved by remembering to make the area you want to glitter transparent. Make a 'block' of glitter that is the same size as your image. Now composite the transparent in part image ATOP Center the block of glitter. You will need to do this for each part you want a different type of glitter.

Also be aware that jpg format does not support transparency. It defaults when output to a solid color background and one frame so no animation. Use gif for animations always.

PNG also supports transparency. But PNG is not meant for a multi frame animated image. PNG has some quirks and many Perks!

So gif format for animation and for transparency.

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