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Unique Colors

Posted: 2006-08-07T11:06:44-07:00
by BDiana
Unique colors under transform is truly a unique, new feature under Transform @ Koya.
I am wondering what out chances are to get the default (256x1) output a little larger sized in height? It's very hard to see and sometimes impossible to click on to resize it.
Just checking!

Posted: 2006-08-07T11:38:09-07:00
by magick
Why not resize the image using sampling to make it easer to view.

Posted: 2006-08-07T14:20:42-07:00
by mlski
OK Diana -

What exactly does it do & how does it work? No instructions in the "transform" link to explain it. I've tried 2 graphics and got nothing but a big oatmeal colored bar.

Now I'm trying 2 other graphics and it's bogging down in both Koyaa and Redux - both came up saying Done - with nothing there - just white expanse under the tabs.

Posted: 2006-08-07T15:02:52-07:00
by magick
Generating unique colors from the command line is fast but it does seem to dog from the web interface. We will investigate. It may take a few days.


Posted: 2006-08-09T07:16:44-07:00
by BDiana
Hi ML,

'unique colors' appears to be working fine now. The trick with webtv is to take any image format and convert it temporarily into a .GIF.
No other format seems to execute unique colors.
After your 256 unique colormap is outputted, resize it to anything you desire. Make sure to add the exclaimation mark.
Your imagination is your guide after that. The finished output can be a .jpg or any other format.
In the webtv imaging community, UC is used as backdrops, motion trails, bar dividers,frames, bases for vignettes, buttons, destinations for draws and composites etc. It complements your source image, which goes on top of it. The world is your oyster.

Thanks 'magick' for a great new feature. Keep 'em coming lol! 8)