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SVG inputs not working in Draw

Posted: 2006-10-30T13:09:43-07:00
by BDiana
Transparent.XM backgrounds don't execute regular Path draws.
I hope Koya will still be maintained somewhat?

default.xm (320x230)

<svg width=320 height=230 fill=none stroke=blue width=3><path d=M100 100 a-45 10 300 100 z></svg>

Why NO GO? I am using the online version.


Posted: 2006-10-30T13:35:27-07:00
by magick
Your SVG does not conform to the SVG specification. Post a valid SVG file that does not work for you and we will take a closer look at the problem.

Posted: 2006-11-04T07:06:22-07:00
by BDiana
Thanks. Problem seems to be resolved on a different interface.