Problems with Annotate & Draw

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Problems with Annotate & Draw

Post by FREAK » 2006-12-24T06:37:19-07:00

Annotation does not work with IM fonts or fonts brought in. I get this

string 7 invalid text value string 7 invalid geometry value string 7 invalid fill value string 7 invalid stroke value integer 7 invalid strokewidth value string 7 invalid undercolor value string 7 invalid density value string 7 invalid translate value string 7 invalid scale value real 7 invalid rotate value real 7 invalid skewX value real 7 invalid skewY value

Draw also doesn't work.Getting "incorrect primitive" even using primitives that are already there...

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Post by mlski » 2006-12-24T13:17:43-07:00

which version of IM are you using?

Just made this in Arbor - no problem with annotate


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