Run program on other PC

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Run program on other PC

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Hi all,

I created a exe file by compiling and linking the example "wand.c" of MagickWand from The program works fine on my pc. But I like to run the created program on a pc which has no ImageMagick installed. So I copied the DLLs and the developed program to this PC in one folder. But there I get the following error C:\TEMP\testwand>Test Winter.jpg t.jpg test.c unknown 41 NoDecodeDelegateForThisImageFormat `Winter.jpg' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/532. It seams that the program can not find the coders. Is it possible to run the program on a pc where no ImageMagick is installed? How do I have to reference to the coder DLLs?

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Re: Run program on other PC

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You probably want the "Portable Win32 static at 16 bits-per-pixel. Just copy to your host and run (no installer, no Windows registry entries)." version of ImageMagick. See ... hp#windows.