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MorphologyApply available for Wand?

Posted: 2011-01-18T20:46:42-07:00
by foxyshadis
I would like to use Morphology in my current project, there's some really powerful stuff in it. Is there a MagickWand interface to it yet? I suspect there's not, since I looked over the code.

If not, can you post a short snippet demonstrating how to combine Wand and Core APIs without accidentally leaking memory? I assume it starts with GetImageFromMagickWand, but I'm not sure how to stuff that image back in afterward. Or does this simply return the original pointer and allow APIs to modify the image in-place, with nothing else required in order to go back to using Wand methods on it?

Re: MorphologyApply available for Wand?

Posted: 2011-01-19T06:42:55-07:00
by magick
Have you looked at MagickMorphologyImage() @ ... ologyImage?

Re: MorphologyApply available for Wand?

Posted: 2011-01-20T15:26:52-07:00
by foxyshadis
Thanks, I did miss that. I added it to my PyMagickWand set.

BTW, there's a problem in the morphology docs: ScaleGeometryKernelInfo doesn't have its signature shown, instead ScaleKernelInfo is listed twice.