Image rotation and resize with interpolation

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Image rotation and resize with interpolation

Post by and_hom » 2011-03-25T03:32:14-07:00


I need to rotate and scale an image. Also I need in custom interpolation type, for example, bicubic.
I've found ResizeImage method, witch takes interpolation type as a parameter. But I can't
find rotation with interpolation. The affine transform with interpolation is best for me but
I can't find it to.
Is there any way to solve my problem?


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Re: Image rotation and resize with interpolation

Post by fmw42 » 2011-03-25T10:16:41-07:00

In command line mode you would set the -filter for downsizing or -interpolate for upsizing and use -distort SRT


Sorry I don't know the API methods

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Re: Image rotation and resize with interpolation

Post by anthony » 2011-04-07T00:17:41-07:00

It used to do this.

Now it uses a improved method that does not need that switch, as such -distort just uses the -filter setting.

However if you want interpolation, just turn off filter by setting -filter point, and set -interpolate as you like

These settings should be available in Wand, though I am not a wand user myself.
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