grab an image from the local usb webcam

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grab an image from the local usb webcam

Post by spectre » 2011-07-15T06:00:36-07:00

Hello !

Is there a function to grab a snapshot from a local usb pc webcam ?

thanks for the reply

best regards


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Re: grab an image from the local usb webcam

Post by el_supremo » 2011-07-17T13:15:02-07:00

I don't think there's any specific MagickWand functions to import a webcam image.
I think the best you could hope for is if the webcam comes with its own API to allow a program to capture images and then your program could use MagickConstituteImage to convert the raw image to a MagickWand.

Sorry, my ISP shutdown all personal webspace so my MagickWand Examples in C is offline.
See my message in this topic for a link to a zip of all the files.

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