Adaptive Threshold and margin

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Adaptive Threshold and margin

Post by normman » 2011-07-26T11:52:10-07:00

I'm using MagickAdaptiveThresholdImage to apply an adaptive threshold on an image I have containing handwritten text. This works well for the text itself, but I'm having a problem like the one explained here( where the margin--that is, white space outside of the area of writing--is not uniform. In essence, most of the image should be white (the background), but instead I'm seeing this:

Is there anything I can do?

I'm not really familiar with image processing, so I apologize for not knowing the correct terminology to use.

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Re: Adaptive Threshold and margin

Post by anthony » 2011-07-26T22:06:14-07:00

You input image look like per random noise.

I am not certain just what you are trying to do. Can you give some information?
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