Performance Drop from 6.8.7-9

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Performance Drop from 6.8.7-9

Post by sireeshala » 2015-04-07T02:17:06-07:00

Exactly performance drop was found After 6.8.7-8 Means the drop starts from 6.8.7-9
We have gone through the logs and found out that the performance problem may caused by the following modification with rev. 13858+13859 in MagickCore/attribute.c

The modification causes these overhead steps if a b/w image is coded as G.4 TIFF:
• The image is converted from b/w to grayscale
• The grayscale image is normalized (enhances the contrast of a color image by mapping the darkest 2% of all pixel to black and the brightest 1% to white according to comment)
• The grayscale image is converted back to b/w

We observed the drop for b/w(black and white) and grayscale
attribute.patch gives the required modifications to avoid the over heads caused.

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Re: Performance Drop from 6.8.7-9

Post by magick » 2015-04-07T04:21:15-07:00

We can reproduce the problem you posted and applied your patch in ImageMagick 6.9.1-2 Beta, available by sometime tomorrow. Thanks.

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