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Posted: 2006-10-15T11:04:03-07:00
by el_supremo
Windows binary 6.2.9-8.

I've been trying to overlay text on a GIF image using MagickWand's DrawAnnotation function and I would like to produce small, "thin" text. The problem is that I can't seem to find a combination of font and font size which will produce text as thin and clear as the text that already exists on the image. It doesn't matter whether I use TTF or GS fonts.
The first step to getting thinner text was to use only DrawSetFillColor - using DrawSetStrokeColor with or without Fill makes the text a lot thicker.
The next step was to play with the weight. The docs say that DrawSetFontWeight "sets the font weight to use when annotating with text" but I have tried values from 100 to 900 for the weight and it makes no difference to the text that is drawn on the image.
Another thing I have found is that when I load different fonts, DrawGetFontWeight reports the value last set by DrawSetFontWeight or zero if DrawSetFontWeight hasn't been called yet - it doesn't report the weight of a font selected with DrawSetFont. A perusal of the source code shows that this is indeed what they do other than DrawSetFontWeight generates a MVG font-weight command which ultimately appears to have no effect - I haven't been able to follow it any further than that in the code.
Does DrawSetFontWeight have any effect on the text produced by DrawAnnotation and if so how?