MagickStripImage returning WandException (6.3.1)

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MagickStripImage returning WandException (6.3.1)

Post by ZeroAltitude » 2007-01-16T12:25:16-07:00

I have some code that worked without exceptions in 6.2.9-1. That code is trivial -- it looks like this:

status = MagickStripImage(magick_wand); \
COND_WAND_EX(status, magick_wand); \

where COND_WAND_EX looks exactly like the default WandException code found here: (bottom of page).

In 6.3.1, when I apply this to a JPG, there are two differences in behavior from what used to happen in 6.2.9. (1) Profile-icm remains in the JPG (used to be stripped out along with EXIF in 6.2.9). (2) I get an exception that looks like this:

MagickWandException: mod_bittyimfe.c unknown 3366

mod_bittyimfe.c is the name of my apache module that uses ImageMagick.

Can someone: (1) tell me if this exception is a sign of a problem I should be worried about, (2) tell me why this behavior is different, (3) tell me if the 6.3.1 behavior is a bug, or is intended, (4) tell me another way to strip the image profiles if I am doing it wrong.

Thank you in advance,


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Post by magick » 2007-01-16T13:45:19-07:00

We'll have a patch in ImageMagick 6.3.2-0 Beta by tommorrow so an exception is not thrown. The ICM profile is added if the JPEG has an EXIF profile that indicates the sRGB colorspace. Its not in the image file, its added at run time. Add -strip to ensure it is not saved when converting the image file. Thanks for the problem report.

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