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an eqivalent command magicwand and Imagemagick

Posted: 2007-02-04T20:26:49-07:00
by eholz1
I have been looking for a command in magickwand for php,
that will do the same thing as this command line entry for ImageMagick

convert spyder.jpg -resize 900x752\> resize_spyder.jpg - in this case the height is the factor I want limited.
the with actually comes out to less than 900 (which is fine) I can run this command by shelling out, but would
prefer to run it within the php code using magickwand.

I want to limit the height of vertical images to 750 (plus or minus) pixels. the max width is 900 px for horizontal images.

I like the way Imagemagick "guesses" at an appropriate image width using the "greater than" or "less than" syntax.

thanks for any info,