cannot run as windows service

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cannot run as windows service

Post by Jonas » 2007-02-08T10:47:34-07:00

I am using ImageMagick-6.2.5-5-Q8-windows-dll.exe. I wrote my application as a Windows service which should allow it to run after I logout. This, however, is not the case. I believe something in ImageMagick is causing my application to stop when I logout.

Why does ImageMagick do this? Is there a way to change this behavior?

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Re: cannot run as windows service

Post by magick » 2007-02-08T12:06:54-07:00

We suspect the problem may be a signal being intercepted by ImageMagick. Can you compile from source? If so, try commenting out the signal handlers in InitializeMagick() of magick/magick.c. It would be useful to isolate which signal handler is being fired and posting here so we can patch the ImageMagick distribution to run as a Windows service.

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