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Re: Resampling----problem

Post by anthony » 2007-06-14T17:11:24-07:00

resampling is purely a resize operator resizing the image based on the current resolution (density) to the desired image resolution.

resize does a great job in quality of result but at a trade off in speed.

-sample on the other hand is lightning fast by comparision but only as it just junks rows and columns of pixels. Scale is sort of a middle ground but averages rows and columns of pixels together.

thumbnail on the other hand tries to get the best of both. It sampls the image do to 5x the final size, then uses resize.

My suggestion is pick one of these faster methods, and do the resolution calculations yourself to find the final image size. You can then set the density or resolution of the image and output it.

If you have further problems, report it here and we'll see what we can do to help.
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