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status = MagickDeleteImageProperty(magick_wand, "EXIF:*");

Posted: 2007-07-25T11:55:58-07:00
by DJTurboToJo
hi there,

I want to remove the EXIF data from my images. Ho do I do this?

I tried status = MagickDeleteImageProperty(magick_wand, "EXIF:*"); but this doesnt work...any suggestions?


Re: status = MagickDeleteImageProperty(magick_wand, "EXIF:*");

Posted: 2007-07-25T11:59:24-07:00
by magick
To delete a profile, use MagickDeleteImageProfile().

Re: status = MagickDeleteImageProperty(magick_wand, "EXIF:*");

Posted: 2007-07-25T22:30:40-07:00
by DJTurboToJo

sorry I m still not sure how to delete the EXIF data. I guess this is a pretty easy and common task so maybe someone can help me:

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unsigned char *MagickRemoveImageProfile(MagickWand *wand, const char *name,size_t *length)

Name of profile to return: ICC, IPTC, or generic profile.

The length of the profile.
Mhm, so I dont know much about what is the format saved in a JPEG? I thought it is EXIF. According to wikipedia IPTC Headers can be embedded into JPEG/Exif or TIFF formatted image files. Well, when and how can I check what type of profile I do have in these pictures? I just want to get rid of all the information that isn't needed to simply display the picture (including removing the thumbnail).

How do I know how long the profile is? I dont even know what kind of profile I have in these pictures. I know that the EXIF tags are different for some digital cameras. So, I guess length gives the length in bytes but how can I obtain this information?

EDIT: is resizing + removing = thumbnail function? So could I use thumbnail to create 640x480 images instead of resizing them to this size and then removing the profile?
EDIT2: Yes, I just found the answer! Thumbail() is exactly the same as resizing and and removing all profiles.