Create Image from blob

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Create Image from blob

Post by terris » 2007-08-07T23:44:08-07:00


I'm using MagickCore but I don't see a forum for it.

I'm loading a jpg file from a URL and trying to create an Image object from it.

char s[1024];
// load exactly 1024 bytes (magically that's the exact size of the blob for this example)

Magick::Blob b(s, 1024);

This code is blowing up with a ErrorModule exception but what() is blank. Any ideas what might be wrong?



Re: Create Image from blob

Post by terris » 2007-08-08T11:12:05-07:00

After building the source (thanks for the nice tool for Windows!) this code ran fine.

Great project. Glad I found you all.

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