Replacing a one color with another

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Replacing a one color with another

Post by jumpman25 » 2007-09-03T10:39:50-07:00

hi there,
i am trying to figure out how to change the color of an image from one to another. The code below works but i need to specify one pixel as a target. I want this to be used for multiple images, so if i have to specify a target pixel every time it won;t work.




DrawColor($drawing_wand, 0, 0, MW_ReplaceMethod);


DrawColor($drawing_wand, 200, 200, MW_ReplaceMethod); (This kinda works but i need to specify one pixel as a target.)

MagickDrawImage($magick_wand, $drawing_wand);
MagickWriteImage($magick_wand, "apple2.png" );

This code works from the command line for all the images i have. How can i use this from Magickwand?

convert apple.png ( +clone -fill red -colorize 100% ) -composite primary_colors.png

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