problem with background-color (win7 / activeperl)

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problem with background-color (win7 / activeperl)

Post by jan99 »

hi !

i have following sample code to create a simple icon with white background - but my background is black and the same script on linux by a friend is correct.

can anybody help me ?

regards Jan :-)


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use strict;
use warnings;
use Image::Magick;

# Objekt für Bilder erzeugen
my $img = Image::Magick->new();

# Bildgröße setzen

# Bild mit weiß erzeugen

# Grünen Rand malen
$img->Draw(primitive=>'rectangle', points=>'1,1 48,28', strokewidth=>3, stroke=>'Green');

# Text schreiben Zentriert 10px groß Schriftart Arial Farbe schwarz
$img->Annotate( text => 'XXX', gravity=>'Center', family => 'Arial', stroke => 'Black', pointsize => 10);

# Bild anzeigen

# Bild als "test.gif" schreiben