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Issue with PerlMagick and Apache

Posted: 2011-08-04T06:44:14-07:00
by hs2323
Hi All,

I am having an issue with PerlMagick with Apache on Snow Leopard. When I run ImageMagick from the command line it works fine. When I run ImageMagick directly from a Perl script (using Image::Magick) it runs fine. The issue comes in when I run it from a Catalyst script online through mod_perl. It throws me an error in the log "No such file or directory" when reading an image. The debug log for ImageMagick gives me GetList: UnrecognizedType 8. Any help with the issues would be appreciated

I have installed ImageMagick with PerlMagick from Macports.

Re: Issue with PerlMagick and Apache

Posted: 2011-08-04T20:51:48-07:00
by anthony
Anything run by apache (CGI, perl, PHP, modules, etc) will probably (actually definitely) have a completely different environment to command line.

That is current working directory, PATH to commands, LD_LIBRARY_PATH to libraries, and so on.