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SegFault in "Features" method

Posted: 2011-10-09T11:51:52-07:00
by delilama
I'd like to try out the "Features" method in PerlMagick. But I get a segfault when I call it. I've built the latest ImageMagick package from source and installed it (this is on an x86_64 Ubuntu 10.04). Here's a snippet of code:

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my($width, $height, $format) = $image->Get('width', 'height', 'format'); # works
 print "$f\t$width" . "x" . "$height\t$format image.\n"; # works 
my @features = $image->Features(1); # <--- silent segfault here
If I change the call to the following:

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my $features = $image->Features(1);
I get an error: panic: pp_iter at that line. I'm guessing because Features() is supposed to return an array, so this may not be related.

Any ideas?