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ImageMagick on Rackspace

Posted: 2011-10-11T21:47:32-07:00
by jchimene

I'm trying to debug an IM installation issue on Rackspace Client sites.

After a call to image->Write() I get the following error
Exception 395: unable to open module file `/usr/lib64/ImageMagick-6.2.8/modules-Q16/coders/'

I believe that Rackspace has not installed IM correctly.

This code works on my development box (Debian Testing).

I have no ability to install IM from CPAN, as I cannot access the compiler (no shell access)

I'm guessing this is a configuration issue, but I have no way of proving that w/o some advice from the IM side.


Re: ImageMagick on Rackspace

Posted: 2011-10-11T22:28:02-07:00
by jchimene
Never mind. I know what the problem is. I'm guessing that there was a bug (since corrected) that exists on the version installed by RS. The bug was that the file type was used to decide the coder, rather than the image contents.
I'm trying to write a file named xxx.BIN, so the chosen coder is "", which doesn't exist.
Since it Works From My Account, it looks like this bug was squashed since ImageMagick-6.2.8
I'm on $VERSION = '6.6.9';