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Can't locate auto/Image/Magick/

Posted: 2011-10-24T00:05:37-07:00
by chii1873
I have installed ImageMagick-6.3.7-2 on RHEL4.
But I got error when I used Extent method as follows:

Code: Select all

Can't locate auto/Image/Magick/ in @INC

Anyone please tell me how to solve it, or workarounds.
I just want to put an image into fixed size or frame:
ex) original image is 480x320px,
then resize to 120x80,
spread 20px-height white background on top and bottom,
then finally 120x120px.

Re: Can't locate auto/Image/Magick/

Posted: 2011-10-24T04:21:27-07:00
by magick
Its possible that Extent() is not supported for ImageMagick 6.3.7. You can emulate Extent() by creating a canvas and compositing your image on top of it or try upgrading your release of ImageMagick.