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problem to install imagemagick for perl (win7)

Posted: 2012-11-22T07:20:24-07:00
by jan99
hi !

i try to install imagemagick for perl (activeperl) to use in win7 / 64bit.

i download ... ws-dll.exe and start to install by admin.

when i start a perl-funciton i get the message
Der Prozedureneinsprungpunkt "GetMagickOptions" wurde in der DLL "Core_RL_magick_.dll" nicht gefunden.
the point of procedure-input-point "GetMagickOptions" in DLL "Core_RL_magick_.dll" not found.
i add the options to set active-perl-installation and define userpath to dll.

can someone help - on a other win7/64bit-maschine every think looks fine!

regards Jan :-)