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Posted: 2004-12-12T10:23:57-07:00
by magick
PerlMagick will perform a color transform if the image has a color profile associated with it and you call $image->Profile() and ImageMagick has LCMS support. If no profile is associated with the image, you must call $image->Profile() twice; once to associate a color profile and again to perform the color transformation.

Posted: 2006-03-29T08:40:33-07:00
by magick
You can get the ICC, ICM, or IPTC image profiles with
  • $image->Get('ICC');
Substitute ICM or IPTC if need be. You can also save profiles to disk with the Write() method by using these prefixes: 8BIM, 8BIMTEXT, 8BIMWTEXT, APP1, APP1JPEG, EXIF, XMP, ICM, ICC, IPTC, IPTCTEXT, IPTCWTEXT (e.g. $image->Write('8BIM:myprofile.bin');).