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ActiveState or StrawBerry Perl with ImageMagick for Windows?

Posted: 2016-03-29T19:43:42-07:00
by WinTakeAll
I'm updating IM's text before.rtf which is displayed by the Windows ImageMagick installer. It seems to have outdated info on PerlMagick under Windows; can someone please assist? Here's what it currently states:
The installation package includes the ImageMagick Perl extension ( PerlMagick) as an installation option. If you would like to use this extension, then you must install ActiveState ActivePerl prior to commencing with installation of ImageMagick.
...later the doc lists the installation options, mentioning the option:
• Install PerlMagick for ActiveState Perl v5.8.4 build 811
...but the current installer (I'm looking at 6.9.3-7-Q8-x64) disagrees and offers the option:
• Install PerlMagick for Strawberry Perl v5.20
@Alexey_A stated: "After 6.9.1-1 version ImageMagick optimized for Strawberry Perl"

  • Is ActiveState Perl still supported? If so, what are the steps to install PerlMagick for it?

    When installing ImageMagick with Strawberry Perl, is it important to install Strawberry Perl before ImageMagick just like the text said about ActiveState? I'm noticing that Í don't get an error message by selecting to "Install PerlMagick for Strawberry Perl v5.20" on a system without Strawberry Perl installed.

Re: ActiveState or StrawBerry Perl with ImageMagick for Windows?

Posted: 2016-03-30T07:02:11-07:00
by magick
We updated before.rtf to reflect Strawberry Perl instead of ActiveState. Thanks for alerting us to this problem.