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[Solved] Brightness...

Posted: 2017-12-16T02:32:48-07:00
by phleagol
I'm looking to change the brightness of a set of icons. When I previously used imagemagick from the cmdline, the -brightness-contrast option worked fine. But as I look at the perlmagick webpage, I don't see that option there.

So I ask, what is the best way to brighten some icons with perlmagick please ? Thanks in advance...

Re: Brightness...

Posted: 2017-12-16T08:40:57-07:00
by snibgo
I don't use Perl, but from the documentation you have evaluate and level, so you can do the equivalent of:

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convert in.png -evaluate Multiply 1.1 out.png
convert in.png -level 0,90% out.png

Re: [Solved] Brightness...

Posted: 2017-12-16T17:38:40-07:00
by phleagol
Thank you, that works fine :)