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EPS files - %Colorspace

Posted: 2011-09-28T05:06:36-07:00
by Sashi
I have EPS files in grayscale mode and CMYK combinations. I need to identify where the EPS files are in grayscale or CMYK mode.
I used the %[Colorspace] to get information about the images.

If it is a color image - %Colorspace returns RGB. If it is a grayscale image - %Colorspace returns Gray.
In some cases eventhough the image is gray, %Colorspace returns RGB.

Please let me know on how to identify the grayscale and CMYK mode in EPS files.


Re: EPS files - %Colorspace

Posted: 2011-09-28T09:48:07-07:00
by fmw42
use identify -verbose yourimage.eps and look at the information about colorspace. see if that is more accurate.

Re: EPS files - %Colorspace

Posted: 2011-09-29T02:10:34-07:00
by Sashi
There is no difference with the information generated by -verbose and %[Colorspace]. Both are the same.

Please help me on how to idenity the EPS files as grayscale and CMYK mode.


Re: EPS files - %Colorspace

Posted: 2011-09-29T19:16:27-07:00
by fmw42
I am not that familiar with eps files. So I cannot help further apart from suggesting you post a link to your cmyk file and your problem on the bugs forum.

You could try from

%r image class and colorspace

and also try


and see what you get

but I suspect your eps file is not identifying itself properly as cmyk