How do I use VB script?

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How do I use VB script?

Post by RCinSTP » 2014-08-18T08:53:37-07:00

Can someone please help a newbie out and help me understand how to use VB script with ImageMagick. How do you run the script? Do you use VBA and run it from a VBA editor like the one in Microsoft Word? I would like to use the Montage / Tile command with many files and I would like to write a script to use a number range for the file names instead of typing each individual file name.

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Re: How do I use VB script?

Post by snibgo » 2014-08-18T08:59:49-07:00

As this is a question about Visual Basic, I'm moving it to the Visual Basic forum. There are examples in that forum.
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