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Fonts not found in thread

Posted: 2016-03-14T07:35:36-07:00
by nsosebee
I have a C# service where I am calling ImageMagickObject's convert function from within multiple threads to convert svg files to jpg. Each thread is converting multiple documents. However, the text is only rendered correctly in one thread. In the other threads, in the other threads, the text is just displayed as blocks. I'm just using the ImageMagickObject.dll that I downloaded. Has anybody seen this issue or have a suggestion to resolve it? Thanks so much.

Re: Fonts not found in thread

Posted: 2016-03-14T08:54:19-07:00
by dlemstra
I am not sure why it is failing but if you are in a C# service you might want to use the C# library called Magick.NET that I created instead.