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Drawing text on an image

Posted: 2008-02-01T05:15:55-07:00
by hotspur
I was playing with MSL a bit but I cannot force the <draw> element to actually draw something. This

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<?xml version="1.0" ?>
  <image size="250x250">
     <read filename="xc:blue" />
     <draw x="50" y="50" pointsize="40" fill="black" text="Hullo"  />
     <display />
displays only blue square and nothing else. What I am doing wrong?
I tried to search the Internet but found nothing and from a glance (though a very quick) at the source, <draw> should draw at the current image so I can't see where the problem is. Thanks for any help.
- Vojta
PS: I am using the latest version of IM (compiled today)

Re: Drawing text on an image

Posted: 2008-11-08T21:23:19-07:00
by pooco
this was answered by magick here

Re: Drawing text on an image

Posted: 2008-11-09T03:20:01-07:00
by hotspur