Use only dll/lib

The MagickWand interface is a new high-level C API interface to ImageMagick core methods. We discourage the use of the core methods and encourage the use of this API instead. Post MagickWand questions, bug reports, and suggestions to this forum.
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Use only dll/lib

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I create one program which use MagickWand for read and convert the files.
On my personnal computer no problem. But when I use a computer without installation ImageMagick, it doesn't work.
In first, its ask me ask me some DLL CORE_RL_wand_ ... I add them. The program be launched. But When the code use MagickWand function nothing happens.
I create my program in Visual Studio 2012, I add the lib, the headers in my project.
I add IM_MOD_RL_bmp_.dll ...

Thank you for all your help.