Need Paid Version with Support

Do you need consulting from ImageMagick experts and are willing to pay for their expertise? Or are you well versed in ImageMagick and offer paid consulting? If so, post here otherwise post elsewhere for free assistance.
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Need Paid Version with Support

Post by bahlsundeep »

Hello Team,
I work for AON Hewitt. We are looking for a piad version with support for Linux & Solaris. Currently we are using
Solaris - ImageMagick 6.8.7-2 2014-01-14 Q16
Linux - ImageMagick 5.4.7 07/01/02 Q16.

And we are facing issues with the conversion for Solaris environment.
Please can someone contact me & I can discuss further.

Sundeep Bahl

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Re: Need Paid Version with Support

Post by magick »

For Solaris, see for supported versions of ImageMagick (we are not affiliated with unixpackages). For other support issues, you are likely to get free support on these forums. However, we recognize that some companies require an SLA. For that, you can contact the ImageMagick support team @ with your proposal.

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Re: Need Paid Version with Support

Post by glennrp »

ImageMagick at unixpackages is pretty old. The most recent one is from the period when we assumed grayscale images were linear, not sRGB.