VC11 build for 6.9.4-7

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VC11 build for 6.9.4-7

Post by ozgi »


I'm trying to build 6.9.4-7 with VC11.

in the librsvg build, i'm getting
rsvg-marker.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _isnan referenced in function _angle_from_vector

I've added by own implementation for isnan (not sure if that's a good idea at all) and it seems to build ok.

after that is built, I'm getting this in the CORE_magick project:
fx.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _erf referenced in function _FxEvaluateSubexpression"

I'm getting the feeling I'm doing something basically wrong or that 6.9.4 simply doesn't support VC11 (visual studio 2012).

Please advise me how to process with these problems.


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Re: VC11 build for 6.9.4-7

Post by dlemstra »

I don't understand why you cannot build librsvg. isnan has been supported since VS2012. I did however change the code in our local repository to help you when we publish the next release. I have also added an implemention for the erf method for older version of Visual Studio. This should work on VS 2012 though.

You can change it yourself if you apply the changes from the following commits: ... a2d3100644 ... 3660ff949d (this is IM7 not IM6).
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