Add border to text with texture

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Add border to text with texture

Post by Millydelev » 2016-11-30T23:08:20-07:00

how would you create an inner drop shadow in text?
The outer one is documented in php
e.g. outer light drop shadow to create 'cut-out' text :
$layer = $text_layer->clone();
$layer->setImageBackgroundColor( new ImagickPixel( 'white' ) );
$layer->shadowImage( 70, .3, 1, 1 );
But how would you create an inner drop shadow?

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Re: Add border to text with texture

Post by fmw42 » 2016-12-01T00:20:38-07:00

Neither Imagemagick nor Imagick have an innershadow command. You will have to script that from multiple commands.

This is one way to get an innershadow in command line:

Code: Select all

convert -size 600x -background black -bordercolor black -border 10 \
-fill white -font Arial -pointsize 124 label:"TESTING" \
-negate -background black -alpha background -alpha copy -background black  -shadow 80x3+5+5 \
-compose over -background white -flatten -shave 10x10 result.png
Please always provide your Imagemagick version and platform with your posts.

It would also help if you provide and example image of what you want to do.

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