Implode region change in IM 7

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Implode region change in IM 7

Post by dognose »

Working through the changes in IM 6.7.2 to IM 7.0.8 ..

Any way to make implode region more uniform like in IM 6 (ie, with out the box )


convert -region '150x150+50+50' -implode 1 flower.jpg out.jpg
IM 6 out.jpg (desired)

magick flower.jpg -region '150x150+50+50' -implode 1 out.jpg
IM 7 out.jpg ( notice box effect)

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Re: Implode region change in IM 7

Post by fmw42 »

I can confirm this with IM and IM Q16 Mac OSX.

Post this to the bugs forum.

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