sepia-tone - what version was it added?

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Ryan Nutt

sepia-tone - what version was it added?

Post by Ryan Nutt » 2006-06-15T06:07:06-07:00

I've got a web application that used convert to convert from a color image to either grayscale or sepia. It works on my machine running version 6.2.2, but fails to write the sepia image on a machine running 6.0.7. Was the sepia-tone option added after version 6.0.7? If so, what version was it added it?

Along the same lines, is there a revision history somewhere to view?


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Post by magick » 2006-06-15T11:23:21-07:00

You will find the ImageMagick revision history here:

Ryan Nutt

Post by Ryan Nutt » 2006-06-15T11:26:46-07:00

Thanks. But is there a way to know what version that refers to? It's great to know what day the feature was added, but it would be more helpful to know that it was added in version 6.whatever.whatever.

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