Magick++ API Incompatibility: Frame Attribute

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Magick++ API Incompatibility: Frame Attribute

Post by tdan »

The order of the arguments passed to Frame differ between the command line and Magick++.

On the command line, -frame is an image operator.

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-frame widthxheight{+-}outer-bevel-width{+-}inner-bevel-width
In the Magick++ API, frame is a method of the Image class.

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frame(unsigned int width_, unsigned int height_, int innerBevel_ = 0, int outerBevel_ = 0)
The Outer-Bevel-Width and Inner-Bevel-Width arguments have been switched

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Re: Magick++ API Incompatibility: Frame Attribute

Post by anthony »

It is just the way the two API's were implemented. Neight can be changed at this point as both have been in long use.

However prehaps the perl API documentation should make a note about the argument order switch.
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