WhiteBalance & Split toning (like Photoshop) with ImageMagic

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WhiteBalance & Split toning (like Photoshop) with ImageMagic

Post by Nawaz » 2011-10-29T02:27:22-07:00

I want to use Imagemagic to achieve several image manipulations like White Balance, Exposure, split Tone etc. I found the scripts at http://www.fmwconcepts.com/imagemagick/index.html which can do whiteBalance and Duotone with Imagemagick but nothing is there to achieve the equivalent in c or for IOS. Scripts simply use convert commands to do it. This link http://members.shaw.ca/el.supremo/MagickWand/ is quite helpful but I didn't find anything to achieve whitebalance or SplitToning in c or IOS with ImageMagick. Can anyone please be of any Help regarding this? Please Help.

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