Undefined reference error while compiling 1.0.9

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Undefined reference error while compiling 1.0.9

Post by mrBlaQ »

I get...

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undefined reference to `MagickSetImageEndian'

...when running 'make' on the 1.0.9 version. 1.0.8 compiles just fine using the same install steps as outlined on http://www.magickwand.org/

What might I be able to do to overcome this missing reference?

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Re: Undefined reference error while compiling 1.0.9

Post by magick »

You'll most likely need to upgrade your release of ImageMagick.
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Re: Undefined reference error while compiling 1.0.9

Post by BilboUK »

As far I am concerned MagickWandForPHP 1.0.9 is broken -> fails to compile.

I don't know which version of ImageMagick the devs compiled it against but I tried ImageMagick-6.7.5-7 as well as the allegedly "approved" version 6.3.5-9 as specified in INSTALL (which is wrong since it's < the minimum version required by the compiler!) and version 6.3.8-11

None of these worked since the method MagickSetImageEndian() simply doesn't exist in those versions of ImageMagick.

Unfortunately I can't find a way of contacting the MagickWandForPHP devs, so I guess this will go unfixed.

I reverted to MagickWandForPHP 1.0.8 and it compiles (& works) just fine with 6.7.5-7 (although the compiler reports a lot of deprecated methods and incompatible pointer type warnings).

(c.f. http://trac.imagemagick.org/changeset/6652 )
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