truly lost at magickwand compilation

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truly lost at magickwand compilation

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i spend the last 9 hours trying to get this working and i'm unable to, for that reason i come to see if someone can help me.

in short, i face the same problem as this guy: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=18459

i tried magickwand for php in 1.0.8 and 1.0.9 version with every version available of imagemagick in the mirrors, i followed the normal compilation process (the rebuild of the php source) in this case, php-5.4.0 (i also tried php-5.3.8)

with magickwand 1.0.9 and imagemagick 6.7.4-2 i have this error on the make process:

Code: Select all

ext/magickwand/.libs/magickwand.o: In function `zif_magickgetimageendian':
/home/source/php-5.4.0/ext/magickwand/magickwand.c:5764: undefined reference to `MagickGetImageEndian'
ext/magickwand/.libs/magickwand.o:( undefined reference to `zif_magicksetimageendian'
now, the most weird thing, is that i have 3 servers with almost the same configuration, in 1, works whiteout problem and in the others 2, the compilation fails.
i compared the configure files and make files of php and imagemagick, all is equal, except that in the ones that fails, is grabbing the xml2-config from other path.
i also tried to compile with the same Makefiles as the server that worked and failed too.

the systems is a debian 6 - 64 bits.

is someone could help me, i'll be really grateful, thanks in advance !