magickwand causing segfaults issue

The MagickWand interface is a new high-level C API interface to ImageMagick core methods. We discourage the use of the core methods and encourage the use of this API instead. Post MagickWand questions, bug reports, and suggestions to this forum.
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magickwand causing segfaults issue

Post by leegraphics »


I'm having an issue with module causing segfaults on my server.

I'm running:

CentOS 5.8
imagick module version 3.1.0RC2
ImageMagick 6.7.8-8 2012-10-10 Q16
MagickWand 1.0.8
PHP 5.3.18

Seems the segfaults are causing a lot of errors which loads up the memory and brings down the server. I was wondering if there was a solution to this or is this a bug or incompatibility issue?

Thanks for your help.
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Re: magickwand causing segfaults issue

Post by fmw42 »

I am no expert on this, but I believe there may be issues with OpenMP on certain Linux boxes, but I don't recall which. Do you have OpenMP enabled (usually by default). You will see if it is there when you do

convert -version

If it is there, you might try compiling with it disabled in your ./configure command.

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